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Political prisoner Horst Mahler escapes German ‘justice’

German lawyer and political philosopher Horst Mahler, 81, has escaped the German state’s efforts to imprison him under their notorious ‘incitement’... 

Arthur Flinders: British Nationalist (1939-2017)

Obituary by Richard Edmonds Quoting a verse from an old, pre-Christian Norse saga: Cattle die, and kinsmen die, And so one dies oneself; One thing I know... 

Rhodesia Group Meeting – 3rd May 2017

Protect The British-European Rhodesian Community in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe All supporters of Rhodesian Zimbabwean Rights are welcome RHODESIA... 

Jonathan Bowden Dinner

Notice is hereby given of the first Jonathan Bowden dinner Friday the 26th of May 2017 in London. Speakers to include: A man of egregious erudition and... 

John Tyndall Memorial Meetings 2017

      Western Spring is organising the first JTMM of the year on Saturday July 1st, at a prestigious venue in central England. For details... 

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Best ever vote for French National Front

Marine Le Pen - FN Congress

Marine Le Pen of the French National Front (Front National) seems to have qualified for the second-round run-off in the French presidential elections with 21.7%, according to early results from today’s first round. Poll projections indicate that she will face ‘centrist’ candidate Emmanuel Macron in the second round. (Macron is projected to poll 23.7%.)

The French Interior Ministry has a regularly updated page: at 12.35 am London time, after 91% of votes counted, Marine Le Pen was only slightly behind with 22.1% to Macron’s 23.5%.

We should also bear in mind that the traditionalist conservative Nicolas Dupont-Aignan seems to have polled better than expected, around 5% – which ought logically to go to Marine Le Pen in the second round. By contrast the official conservative candidate François Fillon confirmed tonight that the mainstream French right has committed suicide: he called on his supporters to vote for Macron in the second round – indicating that whatever happens in two weeks time, only Le Pen and the FN stand for genuine change in France.

The previous best FN result was in 2002, when Mme Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen (the party’s founder) won 16.9% and similarly qualified for the second round.

Speaking to FN activists this evening, Marine Le Pen said:

You have brought me to the second round of the presidential election. I’d like to express my most profound gratitude. The first step that should lead the French people to the l’Elysée has been taken. This is a historic result.

It is also an act of French pride, the act of a people lifting their heads. It will have escaped no one that the system tried by every means possible to stifle the great political debate that must now take place. The French people now have a very simple choice: either we continue on the path to complete deregulation, or you choose France.

You now have the chance to choose real change. This is what I propose: real change/ It is time to liberate the French nation from arrogant elites who want to dictate how it must behave. Because yes, I am the candidate of the people.

Further details from the French elections will be posted on this site later tonight.


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